We don’t hate iphone, just the people that uses them.

Ok, we have newer tried a iphone, but you don’t even have to be close to one, to know that it is a tool for brainwashing people.

Everybody has gone totally bananas and think that it is the greatest thing since reusable condoms. Well, we do not give a fuck, we love gadgets, not bling disguised as technology.
So we have made a few shirts to make our point.


AND WE ARE BACK…. Or so we think

Well the thing is, you have to fuck a lot of frogs before you find the princess. We had some problems finding a place where we could print good shirts, buy cheap dope and download Michael Bolton bootlegs. But at long last we found something that looks like the real deal.
So to celebrate (drum roll please…) we made some new shirts.

Until next time, to quote Spock, live long and go frag yourself.

The 4Q team.